Recycling Plant

Blueprints, Layouts and Complete Plants

The sorting plant, also known as sorting center, is a place prepared for the separation and classification of various solid wastes.

This is a basic process of solid waste management for recycling and also for the ecological disposal of the material.

The projects are based on the semi-automatic screening process, that is, on the use of conveyor belts for the material. In this process, workers will carry out the separation and classification of waste, which will then be sent to pressing and storage in compact bales for transport.

Below are some models of Recycling Plants that FabrikTec can customize for your business: 

Waste Tire Recycling Plant
FabrikTec has a complete developed plant for the entire structure of final waste such as: Chip, scrape and powder. 

Pneus inservíveis FabrikTec

Urban Solid Waste Recycling Plant
Sorting system with crusher and separation levels 
Manufacture of the structural part and development of super modern sorting equipment;

Usina de UTR

Civil Construction Waste Recycling Plant
FabrikTec Brasil develops, with a modular system, a plant that can be applied in any proportion of material recycling production layout
demolition of construction and aggregates;

Usina de reciclagem de RCD

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