Flexibility, care and innovation.

FabrikTec means manufacturing experience, technical knowledge with the best of current technology.

Flexibility, care and innovation. These terms characterize FabrikTec Brasil. As a company rich in tradition that combines proven technology with innovative concepts, many customers rely on our experience.

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Because it is possible to crush almost any solid material. FABRIKTEC has decades of experience in this field. And precisely this experience teaches us that no two materials react in the same way. Wood, plastics, paper, glass, metals, rubber, natural products, minerals, chemicals or other substances: Each material in its initial form and specific quantity reacts differently during crushing depending on the degree of crushing and physical properties and chemical.

Reliable and durable shredding technology therefore requires planning, technical knowledge and experience. Only custom technology will guarantee the desired result. In many cases, this includes shredding non-uniform materials. Mixed sizes and large differences in initial shape further increase the demands on crushing technology.

Milling technology from FabrikTec – perfectly adapted to your needs.

FabrikTec has developed several cutters for each crusher according to the specific properties of each material. The width of the blades, the shape of the tooth, the number of teeth per blade and their arrangement on the circumference determine the performance characteristics of each cutter. FabrikTec doesn't just set high quality standards for the right cutter. Also important are the stable seat on the axle and the easy, maintenance-friendly replacement. As a national manufacturer of crushing machines and complete systems for industrial applications, FabrikTec is your ideal partner for a wide range of crushing operations. So why? FabrikTec has been developing custom crushers since 2011.

FABRIKTEC BRASIL has distinguished itself as the leading manufacturer of heavy and reliable horizontal balers, crushers, harvests, crushing buckets, cutters and drills that meet almost all waste management and recycling requirements. We have become the world leader in automated baler technology.

With a great know-how of excellence in the design and manufacture of electrical hydraulic equipment, FabrikTec is a leading force in the field of recyclable waste compaction machines with crushing and pressing machines for light, medium and heavy materials. FabrikTec machines cover the full range of material processing requirements with mining equipment.

In 2009, FabrikTec's products and services were launched to the market not under its brand name. We manufactured for large companies as an equipment supplier company where we did not work for the end customer, but served companies putting their brands on our manufactured equipment.

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