Fabriktec Shredders

High Power Crushers

FabrikTec proceeds with each shredding budget individually. Depending on material and other requirements, crushing systems will be adapted accordingly. We manufacture rugged single-shaft, dual-shaft and four-shaft low speed crushers. They run silently with low vibration and require little maintenance. Cutting knives can be installed as needed.

They can be used to determine a specific grain size for the crushed material. Crushing is also possible in single or multi-stage crushing systems. The feeders of FabrikTec ​​ are used for bulky materials, while granulators handle finer grain sizes.

Crushing systems in recycling plants or integrated into our customers' production lines must do their job with exceptional quality and reliability. Customers prefer FABRIKTEC crushing technology, especially in cases where processes and production must be maintained at all costs.

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