Scrap Scissors


Scrap Scissors

Make cuts in a few seconds
With electrical panel operation
Automatic and manual function
Hydraulic unit with gear pump

FabrikTec Hydraulic Scissors
Picker of scraps up to 1′ solid
Fast in cutting response
strong and robust
Compact, making cuts in a few seconds of plates, profiles, round and square bars, angles, and other diverse materials;
With knives that can be used on all 4 sides, further increasing the duration of the cut.
Knives in rigid material with holes for fastening screws;
Very simple and easy to change, in addition to being able to sharpen (sharpen) the useful life of each knife is one of the longest;
68′ hydraulic oil reservoir with two hydraulic pistons;
Simple activation with two options for manual cuts with forward and backward function;
Automatic function;
Foot pedal for longer materials;
2-year FabrikTec warranty
Brazilian Industry 100%


Technical specifications

Power Unit
1 Three-Phase Motor
2 hydraulic cylinders
2 Cutting Blades (Rigid Knives)
Panel with automatic control
Compact base in 1 single volume
Cutter of various types of materials
Vented manifold block
Customized knives as needed
2 year warranty

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