Shredding Plastic


Machines with even greater productivity, even easier to operate, more cost-effective.

Developed for self-yielding crushing. Grinding various waste.

FKT-150 Crushing Knives

Together with the technical and engineering part, the crushing knives are manufactured according to the waste to be crushed.

That is why it is very important to have the exact information about the material that will be crushed so that the cutting knives can develop their best efficiency.


Crusher but complete on the world market.

It crushes various types of materials: Tires, Pet, Plastics, Aluminum, Profiles, Paper, Cardboard, Wood, construction pants and various waste.

Compact and innovative shredder.

Technical specifications

Power Unit
1 Axes with Orbital Reduction
2 Three-phase Electric Motors
1 Orbital Reducers
Panel with automatic control of torque reversal system
High-Efficiency Motors with Motor Brake
Destroyer of various types of materials
Large torque crusher
Customized knives as needed
2 year warranty

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