horizontal baler press


Compact baler continuous system

Makes bales in a few minutes
With electrical panel operation
Automatic and manual function
Post-compacted bale tying system
Hydraulic unit with gear pump

Note: Optional for adaptable Pet Punch;

high speed baling

Model FKH-50
50 Tonne Baler Press

1 Compact Designer
2 Horizontal Style
3 Compaction in Bales
4 Automatic tying Bale Tie Roll Holder
5 Hydraulic piston (1 Unit in the Top and 1 in the horizontal position)
6 Weight of Bales: 400 to 600kg
7 Three-phase Machine (mono on request)
8 Button Control (Lever Option) or HMI;
9 Automatic bale puller

Note: Machines with NR10 and NR12 Art certificate and approved technical report, by order not included in the price!

high speed baling

This series of FabrikTec balers offers 14-15 second faster cycle times due to high speed hydraulic drive with 13 second cycle time on light open material balers in a separate class.
If you have the right Machine think how many bales you make in an hour, in a day... How many in a year?

Compaction Power - Hydraulic Power Unit

With FKH (FabrikTec Hidraulic) balers correctly sized, the system pressure is up to 300 bar. You can easily compress all materials that come in your way.
The baling cycle is perfectly synchronized with electrical automation, this cycle synchronized with variable flow pumps.
This feature lowers energy consumption by increasing hydraulic efficiency.

Independent Cooling and Filtration

FKH automatic baling presses have an independent cooling and filtering system.
Considered the power of the main engine used separately, so that the system can filter and cool the oil off-line.
Also due to the existence of a heat exchanger that helps keep the use for a longer time without immediate heating, hindering a longer productive time of the FKH-50


Energy saving

We are using a FabrikTec Brasil Automation technology which is an innovative approach to energy use and consumption. We choose the way to think.. When a standard machine is idle, it is difficult to understand or control and continuous operations. But the FKH-50 Economic Information Systems software can perform specific automation system and hydraulic power activities even with the machine idle. This special automation system is efficient in the use of hydraulic energy and capable of eliminating energy waste. Off-line rest system allowing the motor and pump to go into stand-by state until the FKH-50 is operated again.


Reliable wire binding system:

All FKH horizontal balers (FabrikTec Hidraulic) are fully automatic, we use the HMI system with integrated PLC. For the past 10 years, we have developed the lashing system of our automatic machine. Now this lashing system becomes the main strength of our machine. This unique technology has been designed to provide the customer with a very simple, yet very viable and easy-to-use lashing system. The entire mooring system is driven by a Hydraulic system. This literally reduces the mooring system's electric motors. Thus, this system not only saves electricity, but also reduces the complexity of the mooring system. The entire tying system can be easily operated to change the wire rolls (tying wires) opening and closing the compartment very simply and without delay. No technical knowledge is required to understand the working principle of the mooring system, so any machine operator can identify if there are any faults or troubleshooting that they may have during operation.


Fully automatic FKH50 control panel

Model FKH50 has 7' wide touch screen with high resolution, models FKH70 and FKH100 have 10' wide touch screen with high resolution screen. These control units are capable of choosing materials and programmable settings for at least 10 programmable logic controller controls. You can easily fine-tune it, making the machine optimized to run perfectly. While the machine is running, the control system can analyze the diagnostic information and save it in real time for later use.


Durability – Finally…

The service life, reliability and internal plates have high wear durability as they are in HARDOX on all FKH Series balers in the press tunnel keep your work focused only on the press area. Replaceable parts can be produced on demand.

Service channel for special parts and replacements: sac@fabriktec.com.br

Technical specifications

Power Unit
2 Main Pistons
1 Three-Phase Motor
1 Mini Hydraulic Power Station (tying bales)
Panel with automatic and manual control
Wire mooring system (wires)
well compacted bales
Horizontal Positioning
Filling by the Upper Feed Mouth
2 year warranty

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