FKT-4500 Mobile Jaw Crusher


Primary crusher

  • Extremely robust design
  • Very high production results with low maintenance operation
  • Crusher unlocking system via frequency inverter (optional)
  • External power supply (optional)
  • Optional Return Conveyor
  • Efficient and powerful diesel-electric engine for low fuel consumption (crusher and all tracks are electrically driven)
  • External power supply for even more economical and environmentally friendly use in quarries. In this way, mobile crushers can be powered by conventional three-phase electrical grids independently of diesel fuel – which reduces energy costs and exhaust emissions;

24 month uptime warranty;
FabrikTec Support


The FabrikTec Model FKT-4500 Mobile Jaw Crusher, the first mobile jaw crusher in the MEGALODON line, is used to pre-crush almost all types of natural stone. The jaw crusher is extremely robust, high quality and low maintenance. The machine therefore guarantees high production yields. Made entirely in Brazil.

diesel-electric engines 

Most FabrikTec Megalodon series crushing and screening units for the quarry are equipped with powerful and efficient diesel electric drives. They ensure eco-friendly operation combined with low fuel consumption.

They are perfectly equipped for the difficult demands of the daily quarry routine. They can also be equipped with other complementary equipment such as mats or sieves.

Jaw Crushers

The extraction of natural stone types is associated with the use of machines that crush materials with high compressive strength in a systematic and effective way. Jaw crushers are ideal for difficult applications in quarries and are mainly used as primary crushers.

Jaw crushers operate on the principle of pressure crushing. The crushed material is crushed in the wedge-shaped pit between the fixed crusher jaw and the crusher jaw articulated on an eccentric shaft. Material is crushed by the elliptical course of motion and falls due to gravity. This is until the material is smaller than the defined crushing clearance.

Crushing energy acts on the feed material with strong forces and low speed. The name Jaw Crusher is derived from the crusher jaws necessary for crushing and the “chewing” movement.

Jaw crushers are used for coarse and primary crushing of brittle, semi-hard and hard stones. They are most often used as primary crushers.

Jaw crushers are generally not able to produce a final product that meets standards. In some recycling applications, small jaw crushers can be used to produce crushed base layers for secondary roads and path construction.

The pressure crushing process, in which the stone is crushed along its natural crack edges, generally produces a very flaky end product.

When used ​​for their intended purpose, jaw crushers generally have the lowest wear and operating costs. Depending on hardness, crushability and abrasiveness, wear costs – related exclusively to the jaw crusher – are significantly lower than impact and cone crushers.


Technical specifications

Power Unit
Diesel engine / electric
2 three-phase motors
Vibrating feed strainer
Outlet mats with rotator
High-Efficiency Engines
Destroyer of various types of gravel
Large torque crusher
Easy to change parts for maintenance
2 year warranty

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