Special Machines

Development of machines for high production

FabrikTec Brasil Develops custom equipment

Analysis, feasibility study, illustration, design and development all summarize what we do. 
We capture the needs of our customers and demonstrate the solution through equipment that makes all the difference in production. 
With dedicated engineering, we seek an immediate solution for our customer, creating a production improvement concept. 

Currently, our own customers are proof of what FabrikTec has already provided to countless customers. Where we strongly contribute to immediate growth, serving with a qualified and trained team, assisting and informing where there are solutions for better production. 
Where all projects developed to order, we guarantee their functioning and application.

Recycling and Crushing Plants and Plants

Scrap Milling Plant called Hammer Mill of the Megalodon Series developed as per demand request options:  

  • 15 Tons per Hour
  • 30 tons per hour
  • 40 tons per hour
  • 60 tons per hour

Hammer Mill for heavy scrap, grinding increasing density in a smaller proportion, de-characterizing ferrous parts. In just a few seconds, it destroys materials such as: vehicles, appliances, bars, profiles, sheets, blocks, mixed scrap in general; 

With a fast speed, these crushing plants are capable of mass destruction of residues, obtaining a smaller volume with greater weight; 

In the Megalodon FabrikTec Series with MGD references, we develop every customized plant, which can be basic or complete; 
For the plant to be developed, it usually has the following items: 

  • Feed and exit conveyor belts;
  • Exhaust System for Gases and Dusts;
  • Magnetic drums and mats;
  • vibrating sieves; 
  • Pre-shredder (Pre-crusher);
  • Shredder (Hammer Mill) High speed hammer mill;
  • separation screening platforms; 
  • Machine House; 
  • Monitoring and security center; 
  • Structural platforms surrounding the plant;
  • High Motor Impeller;
  • Cooling system; 


recycling plants 

The recycling plants aim to transform the recyclable materials that were received into raw materials, which are available at the end of the process to companies for the production of new products.

After collection, the materials are taken to the sheds for sorting and compaction.

Part of these materials that reach recycling plants are the result of the actions of people who separate recyclables from non-recyclables and take them to a collection center, which is a very positive act.

The point is that before we send them for selective collection or even directly to the mills, we must clean these materials, because if they are greasy or dirty, for example, they will not be able to go through the recycling process.

Those who are able to be recycled will effectively undergo the transformation process. See below how this process is and understand how a recycling plant is:

Collect – Before the recycling process starts, the plants receive the recyclable materials

Screening – During sorting, the materials that can effectively go through the transformation process are separated. As said before, it is not enough to be a recyclable material, it is necessary to be clean and in good condition (not to be physically impaired).

Materials suitable for the process will be separated according to their composition.

Compression – The materials are pressed

Sale – Once compacted, these materials can already be sold to companies.


Layouts with Innovations for Industries

Special development of basic and effective layout for shredding various types of waste; Inserting and automating systems, reducing and removing manual work from operations;

Customization as needed, adjusting feed mouth, output speed, particle size and mesh sizes, belt adaptations, motor power sizing, cutting knife style indication;

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