AF&PA Announces Best Practices for the Paper and Wood Products Industry

The association claims that the Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 initiative includes a transparent reporting process to meet its standards.

The Washington-based American Forrest & Paper Association (AF&PA) launched the Better Practices initiative, Better Planet 2030: Sustainable Products for a Sustainable Future. The program provides a new set of sustainability goals for the paper and wood products industry to improve its impact on the environment.  

The five Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 sustainability goals include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, advancing a circular value chain through the production of renewable ​​and recyclable produtos products, and the pursuit of zero work accidents. The initiative also seeks to reduce injuries and fatalities (SIFs), boost water stewardship across all manufacturing operations, and build more resilient forests across the United States.   

According to a press release from the association, the initiative includes a transparent disclosure process to achieve each objective.  

“Sustainable practices are at the heart of this industry, which manufactures essential, innovative products used ​​by millions of Americans every day from renewable resources,” said Mike Doss, president of graphic packaging, CEO and chairman of the board. gives AF&PA . “We have a strong track record of meeting sustainability commitments and these goals will guide our progress even further in the future.”   

Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 reinforces industry values with a statement of principles on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), helping AF&PA advance DE&I in the paper and wood products industry and facilitating the exchange of ideas and information from members.  

“It's important to emphasize that our strength as an industry comes from the diversity of our people,” said Heidie Brock, president of AF&PA. “The paper and wood products industry fosters and promotes a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce, bringing together people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to work in partnership.”  

According to the association, AF&PA members have met or exceeded many of the sustainability goals outlined in Best Practices, Better Planet 2020, released in 2011. These achievements include a 23.2% reduction in GHG emissions, 13.3% improvement in energy efficiency and 38.4% of reduction in work accidents and an increase of 12 percentage points in the purchase of wood fiber in certified forest areas.  

The final Better Practices report, Better Planet 2020 will be released this fall, says AF&PA.  

For more information on AF & PA's sustainability leadership and defined set of Best Practices, Better Planet 2030: Sustainable Product Goals for a Sustainable Future, click  on here.  

“We have been and will continue to be a leader in sustainability,” says Brock. “The paper and wood products industry was one of the first manufacturing industries in the United States to adopt quantifiable sustainability goals in 2011, and today these ambitious new goals will build on that success in the next decade.” 


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